Rescuers Save Abandoned Bunnies in Petaluma Backyard

Rescuers save 29 abandoned bunnies from dire conditions in Petaluma backyard. Help support the ongoing care and treatment for these neglected animals.

In a heartwarming rescue effort, several bunnies were saved from dire conditions in a Petaluma backyard. The abandoned rabbits, left behind by a former tenant, were discovered in a breeding mill and were in desperate need of medical care. Moldy cages, rotten hay, contaminated water, and an infestation of flies and spiders surrounded the poor creatures. Thanks to the dedicated volunteers from Marin-based SaveABunny, 29 out of the 31 bunnies were successfully rescued. However, the organization is now seeking community support to help cover the thousands of dollars required to provide proper care and treatment for these neglected animals.

Rescuers Save Abandoned Bunnies in Petaluma Backyard

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The Abandonment and Neglect

Details of the abandonment situation

In Petaluma, an abandoned breeding mill was discovered last month, where multiple rabbits were found living in squalid conditions. The rabbits were left behind by someone who was evicted from the property near Skillman Lane and Petaluma Boulevard. A total of 31 rabbits were abandoned, and the landowner hesitated to take action due to uncertainty about the rabbits’ ownership.

Health conditions of the rabbits at the time of rescue

When the rescuers from Marin-based SaveABunny gained access to the abandoned property on September 15, they found the rabbits in a terrible state. The rabbits were living in moldy cages, surrounded by rotten hay, contaminated water, and an infestation of flies and black widow spiders. Some of the mothers were malnourished and unable to produce milk to feed their young. Unfortunately, two of the rescued rabbits did not survive their ordeal.

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Circumstances leading to the delay in rescue

The delay in rescuing the rabbits was primarily due to the landowner’s uncertainty about the legalities surrounding the ownership of the rabbits. This delay allowed for the birth of another litter of rabbits, further worsening their suffering. Despite the breeder’s abandonment of the animals constituting a criminal act, the landlord did not want to involve the authorities in the situation.

The Rescue Operation

Initial contact and subsequent access to rabbits

After learning about the abandoned rabbits, SaveABunny made initial contact with the landowner. However, due to the uncertainty regarding ownership, it took some time before the rescue volunteers were allowed to access the rabbits on the abandoned property. Finally, on September 15, the rescue team was able to reach the rabbits and begin their efforts to save them.

Approach used in the rescue operation

The rescuers from SaveABunny employed a careful and compassionate approach in rescuing the rabbits. They focused on providing immediate medical attention, proper nutrition, and a safe environment for the rabbits. Each rabbit was individually assessed and given the necessary care and treatments to address their specific needs. The rescue team worked tirelessly to ensure the well-being and comfort of the rescued rabbits.

Rescuers Save Abandoned Bunnies in Petaluma Backyard

The Aftermath and Rehabilitation

Current status of the rescued rabbits

At present, the rescued rabbits are under the care of SaveABunny. Most of them are being cared for at the organization’s headquarters in Mill Valley, while the most vulnerable ones have been placed in foster homes for close monitoring. The rescue and rehabilitation process will take time, as each rabbit’s physical and emotional needs are addressed.

Challenges faced in the care and rehabilitation process

The care and rehabilitation of the rescued rabbits come with several challenges. Some of the rabbits require extensive veterinary procedures, including surgeries for dental problems resulting from inbreeding. Additionally, the rabbits need vaccinations, spaying or neutering, and treatment for any other medical conditions they may have developed. Providing sufficient space, nutrition, and socialization are also crucial aspects of their care.

Role of the community in fostering the rabbits

The community plays a vital role in the ongoing care and rehabilitation of the rescued rabbits. SaveABunny relies on the support and involvement of the community to provide temporary housing, assistance in fundraising efforts, and potential adoptive homes for the rabbits. The love and care offered by the community are essential for the rabbits to heal and find permanent, loving homes.

About SaveABunny

Overview of SaveABunny organization

SaveABunny is a volunteer-run organization based in Mill Valley. Their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for abandoned and abused rabbits. They work in collaboration with 35 shelters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to provide care and support for rabbits in need.

Types and scale of operations carried out by SaveABunny

SaveABunny specializes in rescuing neglected and abused rabbits, providing them with medical care, spaying/neutering, vaccinations, and socialization. They also offer educational resources to the community and facilitate adoption processes for rabbits in their care. Their operations span across the San Francisco Bay Area, helping rabbits from various communities.

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Current number of rabbits under the care of SaveABunny

SaveABunny currently has 160 rabbits in their care, including the recently rescued rabbits from the Petaluma breeding mill. These rabbits require ongoing medical attention, nurturing, and the possibility of adoption into loving homes. The organization relies on the support of volunteers, donations, and community involvement to provide for the rabbits’ needs.

Rescuers Save Abandoned Bunnies in Petaluma Backyard

Financial Implications

Cost details associated with rabbit rescues

The rescue and care of rabbits involve significant financial costs. On average, it costs between $300 to $500 to rescue a rabbit, including veterinary examinations, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and medical treatments. The expenses can increase for rabbits with additional medical conditions or specialized needs.

Estimated costs related to the current rescue

The rescue of the 31 abandoned rabbits from Petaluma is estimated to cost around $50,000. This includes medical expenses, surgeries for dental problems caused by inbreeding, vaccinations, and ongoing care and rehabilitation. SaveABunny has launched a fundraising campaign to help cover these costs and provide the necessary care for the rescued rabbits.

Details about the ongoing fundraiser and response from the community

SaveABunny initiated a GoFundMe page to raise funds for the medical expenses and care of the rescued rabbits. As of now, the online fundraiser has raised nearly $23,000 towards the $35,000 goal. The community’s response to the fundraiser has been heartwarming, with many individuals showing support and making generous donations to help SaveABunny provide for the rabbits’ needs.

Medical Care for Rescued Rabbits

Details of veterinary procedures needed by rescued rabbits

The rescued rabbits require a range of veterinary procedures to address their health issues. These procedures may include vaccinations, spaying/neutering surgeries, treatment for dental problems caused by inbreeding, addressing various diseases, and providing necessary medications. Each rabbit’s medical needs are assessed individually to ensure appropriate care is provided.

Specific medical conditions observed on the rescued rabbits

Many of the rescued rabbits are suffering from malnutrition, dental problems, and weakened immune systems. Some require urgent surgeries to correct dental issues, while others may need treatment for respiratory or gastrointestinal ailments. The overall goal is to improve the rabbits’ health, ensure their well-being, and increase their chances of finding forever homes.

Plans and procedures for the medical treatment

SaveABunny has partnered with veterinarians experienced in rabbit care to provide the necessary medical treatment for the rescued rabbits. A comprehensive treatment plan has been developed to address each rabbit’s specific needs, including surgeries, vaccinations, medications, and ongoing monitoring of their health. Skilled professionals will work closely with the rabbits to ensure their medical requirements are met.

The Legal Perspective

Details about the landowner’s dilemma regarding the rabbits’ ownership

The landowner faced a dilemma regarding the ownership of the abandoned rabbits. Due to this uncertainty, there was a delay in allowing the rescue team access to the rabbits. However, it was crucial for the rabbits’ well-being that they were rescued and provided with the necessary care, regardless of ownership disputes.

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Laws violated by the previous rabbit owner

The abandonment of the rabbits by the breeder is a violation of animal cruelty laws. Abandoning animals, especially in squalid conditions, constitutes a criminal act. SaveABunny recognizes the breeder’s actions as a crime and is committed to ensuring the rescued rabbits receive the care and support they need.

Action or stance taken by SaveABunny concerning legal recourse

SaveABunny does not intend to file a complaint against the breeder involved in the abandonment of the rabbits. However, they acknowledge that the breeder’s actions were illegal. Instead of focusing on legal recourse, SaveABunny’s priority is providing immediate care and finding loving homes for the rescued rabbits.

Preventing Future Cases

Advisory on the role of local animal control agency in animal abuse

In instances of suspected animal abuse, it is crucial to involve the local animal control agency. Reporting cases of neglect, cruelty, and abandonment can help ensure immediate intervention and appropriate action. Animal control agencies have the authority to investigate, rescue, and provide care for animals in need.

Safety measures for people encountering neglected animals

If you come across neglected animals, it is important to prioritize your safety and the well-being of the animals. Do not attempt to handle or remove the animals yourself. Instead, contact your local animal control agency, who can take appropriate action and provide the necessary care for the animals.

Responsibility of community towards animal safety and welfare

The community has a significant responsibility in ensuring animal safety and welfare. By staying alert, reporting suspected cases of neglect or abuse, and supporting organizations like SaveABunny, the community can play a crucial role in preventing future cases of abandonment and cruelty. It is through collective efforts that animals can receive the care, love, and protection they deserve.

SaveABunny’s Next Steps

Plan for the adoption of the rescued rabbits

SaveABunny is dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for the rescued rabbits. They are currently developing a comprehensive adoption plan, which includes careful screening of potential adopters. The objective is to ensure that the rabbits are placed in safe, nurturing environments where they will receive the love and care they need.

Arrangements made for temporary housing of the bunnies

To accommodate the rescued rabbits, SaveABunny has made arrangements at their headquarters in Mill Valley. Additionally, they have secured temporary housing for some of the rabbits at Rohnert Park Animal Services. These arrangements provide the rabbits with safe environments while they undergo rehabilitation and await adoption.

Future initiatives by SaveABunny

SaveABunny remains committed to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding loving homes for abandoned and abused rabbits. They will continue their collaboration with shelters and organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area to provide support and care for rabbits in need. Additionally, they aim to expand their educational efforts and advocacy to promote rabbit welfare and prevent future cases of neglect and cruelty.

Community’s Role in Animal Rescue

Support received from community and local shelters

The community has played a significant role in supporting SaveABunny’s efforts to rescue and care for the rabbits. Many individuals have generously donated to the fundraising campaign and offered foster homes for the rabbits. Local shelters, such as Rohnert Park Animal Services, have also provided valuable assistance, including vaccinations and temporary housing.

Importance of community engagement in animal rescue

Community engagement is vital in animal rescue initiatives. The active involvement of individuals, organizations, and community resources makes a significant difference in saving and rehabilitating animals in need. Through their support, the community can help ensure that neglected and abused animals receive the care and love they deserve.

Roles available to the community in animal rescue and protection

The community has various roles to play in animal rescue and protection. These roles include reporting suspected cases of neglect or abuse to local animal control agencies, offering foster homes for animals in need, providing financial support to rescue organizations, raising awareness about animal welfare issues, and participating in adoption processes. By collectively taking on these roles, the community can make a meaningful impact in the lives of animals.